It’s All About YOU

Welcome to Sherri’s Mattresses. Our not so fancy location will save you money, and our customer service will keep you coming back. We want you to love what you get.

We are a family-owned (Portland mattress) store that focuses on finding the best mattress for you. The Portland community has kindly supported us since 1996, and we have enjoyed the incredible people that have walked through our doors as well as the stories that accompany them. It has been a continued joy to help you and the returning generations as your family grows. Just as you have always expected from us: lowest prices for the best mattress, and without question, customer service; that tradition will continue. Remember, as quirky as I am, I believe “It’s not too late to sleep like a baby”! This means I believe your sleep should be carefree, restful, and filled with fresh dreams.

“Dreams are a part of life, without dreams we are simply just a motion”. – Sherri Hiner

In Mr. Alan’s 6th grade class at Linwood Elementary, I was given the impossible task of writing my life goals, at that time I did not realize the power of dreams. I dreamt of saving the world and more importantly, having my own business (though I didn’t dream of a mattress store, no one dreams of that). This enterprise had to be a place where people would want to work……and do business. I was shy, timid, and I was the one no one could remember from their high school years. It still seems crazy that I would open my very own business in Portland. I am unique(in an odd way), and I am not afraid to go out in public wearing my Pajamas. When you sell sleep, why not?  I believe that most everyone wants to do the right thing, but some people are afraid to stand alone.  I am so thankful for all that our community, employees (past and present), and my family have done to support me personally and professionally.  When I looked up after falling so hard and far, there were so many people – including strangers – standing right next to me. I was not alone. This Portland community and its surrounding areas stood by a complete stranger like friends and family, and have never let me down…..this is truly the happiest time of my life.

When I look back at the years of mattress memories, thousands of pictures show the hands that helped in raising my children. It is things like this that I hold near and dear to my heart, these things remind me how much I enjoy and love my mattress family. We all want to bring that same culture to Sherri’s Mattresses. Paiton, my oldest son (the Shhh kid From local mattress commercials), has been selling mattresses in Portland since he was nine, and has never lost the dream of having his own cruise ship line as a way to try mattresses. In the meantime, he is focused on knowing everything about the mattress industry.  Hunter (the baby), has graduated from high school and still gets asked on a weekly basis, “are you him…are you the baby?” I am so thankful that he still puts a beautiful grin on his face and smiles. My youngest daughter recently graduated from Clackamas High School. She has dreams, focus, and vision of what success is for her, and nothing will stop her.  She travels the world and sees places I dream of going to.  Another one of our daughters has had her hand in this business as well, waving the sign even when it was freezing to death, but she always did it with a beautiful smile. She also is a creative artist and can’t wait for the world to see the masterpieces to come.  The second to the oldest daughter was seen sleeping in the back of many commercials, literally sleeping. She blessed us with 2 beautiful granddaughters, and she and her husband own a food cart, that has become very successful due to their hard work!

The oldest daughter (college grad) has not sold beds in years, yet she still loves to come in and correct me, which makes me laugh every time because she is always right (she also has blessed us with a granddaughter). Our Brady bunch family also includes Geona. She makes us all laugh and adds nothing but encouragement and excitement to all of our lives, she continues to drive customers into our store with her radiant smile.

George has experienced all aspects of the Portland Mattress industry firsthand.  He says he has been around long enough to see that when we put the customer first they bring people back in to buy a mattress. His strong suits are making sure I don’t go crazy with advertising, taking care of the customer, keeping operations running smoothly, and being a wonderful dad and even better grandpa to his grandchildren. However, I will have to painfully admit, he is a better mattress tester than me because he knows everyone in this area.
When he’s not selling mattresses, he’s also running a food cart, called the Fried Spot! It’s absolutely delicious, and we love getting to meet more people this way!

We are looking forward to seeing you soon, and also looking forward to sharing pictures of our grandchildren….the first of many more to come.

Thank you. Please have a great day!

-Sherri Hiner