IAdjust’s Philosophy

IAdjust is inspired by life! Yours, and the planets!
With all natural materials, IAdjust seeks to reduce the amount of chemicals we're exposed to during our most vunerable moments by using natural, organic, sustainable materials!

Quality Materials

A product is only as good as what it's made of!
IAdjust's latex mattresses are made of latex, cotton, wool, and steel!
Four simple materials combine to make a supportive, breathable, VOC-free sleeping experience!
The cotton and wool combine for a breathable moisture wicking cover, while the latex underneath provides a layer of long lasting comfort and support, reinforced with steel coils!

Sustainability Focused

Sustainability is one of IAdjust's highest priorities!
Latex is a fantastic material, coming from rubber sap trees! One of the good things about latex is that it is biodegradable! The trees are not cut down during the harvesting of latex, so it has a sustainable production and is also carbon-negative.
The cotton is organic, using far less water than traditional cotton, and the wool is ethically harvested!
Steel is also recyclable, leading to a very ecofriendly and sustainable mattress!