Brand Spotlight: Furniture of America

By July 25, 2022September 18th, 2022No Comments

We here at Sherri’s Mattresses commit ourselves to providing only the best for your sleep experience. Whether mattress, pillows, or sheets, we’re committed to finding the best fit for you, whatever that means!
But, a bedroom is more than where we sleep. It’s where we relax, and unwind. Our own private oasis, in a world of the confrontational desert. Why not improve that oasis, with quality furniture that serves both functional and aesthetic needs.

Whether you’re looking for dressers, headboards, bedframes, or anything else, Furniture of America is one of our favorite brands to partner with, providing quality, comfort, and beauty in one fell swoop!

What makes them great

One of the things we love about Furniture of America is the sheer amount of styles they have! In headboards, near every color and style, you can imagine, and a whole room’s worth of furniture to go with it! Media stands, chests, dressers, and nightstands, are all made to match perfectly and bring a room together!

We’ve tried these, and you can be sure, they are highquality, sturdy pieces of art! Finely crafted and made to last, every single one of these pieces from Furniture of America is made to improve your bedroom.

Not to mention, the fantastic prices!

So, what are you waiting for? Take your bedroom to the next level with Furniture of America!