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Common Mattress Questions

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Mattresses seem deceivingly simple, but many people have unanswered questions about them! How best to clean a mattress, can mattress protectors be washed, can you recycle a mattress? So, we’ve compiled some of the most common questions people have about mattresses and have done our best to answer them!

Can mattresses cause back pain?

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Yes, mattresses can cause back pain! Low-quality or old mattresses can misalign your spine, causing back pain, and poor sleep! Poor sleep is a difficult thing to deal with, considering the effects of long-term sleep deprivation.

How often should you rotate/flip your mattress?

You should not flip your mattress ever, as the support structure is often different on top than on the bottom. However, rotating your mattress can help prevent sinking, lumps and dips, and general breaking down of the mattress. Rotating the mattress every 6 to 12 months is recommended for newer mattresses. If your mattress is older, consider rotating it every couple of months in order to ensure the best comfort and support.

Can mattresses be recycled?

Yes, mattresses can be recycled! Due to hygiene concerns, the mattresses cannot be reused or given to other people, but the materials within can be reclaimed and repurposed! Latex especially is recyclable, and biodegradable as well! However, most often, mattresses can be disposed of at a dump. When you order delivery, we offer to take your old mattress away for you!

Will a mattress soften over time?

Yes, a typical memory foam mattress will soften over time. This happens because of a few things, but also is a result of aging on foam. However, you can prevent and extend the lifetime of your mattress by doing a few things! First, rotating your mattress once every 6 months will ensure that one half or side of your mattress does not wear down before the other. Secondly, is using a mattress protector. Not only does this protect your mattress from bedbugs and stains, but from sweat! Humans sweat nearly 1 liter at night. The chemicals our sweat is made of are exactly the things that break down memory foam. If you want your mattress to stay supportive, use a mattress protector.

How to save money on a mattress?

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