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Hybrid Mattresses: A Summary

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There are so many different types of mattresses! Coils, memory foam, and even latex! And yet, they all come with their own issues and benefits. So, how do we get the best of all worlds? Hybrid mattresses!

Hybrid mattresses take two or more elements from other mattresses to negate the negative effects, improve the benefits, and give them to you at a fair price and great comfort!

Hybrid Mattress - The Mattress Hub

First, we’ll talk about the frequent complaints other mattresses may get, and how hybrid mattress addresses and fixes them!


Many mattresses get complaints, as no mattress will ever be perfect for everyone! Someone who might love memory foam might hate coils, and vice versa!

There are some common complaints about memory foam mattresses. Many people complain about how memory foam sleeps hot, about how memory foam sags and sinks, and how solid memory foam can come with a pretty hefty price tag. While many memory foam beds take steps to address these problems, they are still widely regarded as many people’s least favorite thing about memory foam mattresses!

With coils, many people complain about feeling the coils themselves, the lack of comfort those mattresses provide, and how often coils poke through.

Finally, complaints about solid latex beds. Largely, there aren’t many. Latex is breathable, and lasts nearly double the time of a standard memory foam mattress! However, there is one big complaint: Price. Though we offer competitive pricing and financing options, we understand that solid latex beds are still out of many people’s budgets.

So, how do hybrid mattresses help?

Hybrid’s Solutions

Noble 14" Organic Latex Plush Top Mattress

First, hybrid mattresses are typically a coil base, with a few comfort layers of latex or memory foam! However, it can occasionally be a memory foam mattress, with a couple of latex layers on top.

A coil base can fix many of the problems people complain about with memory foam or latex mattresses! Coils underneath memory foam can help with airflow, cooling down your sleep and trapping less heat, while still providing great support and comfort! Additionally, adding coils can help with price tremendously, sometimes cutting prices in half! But with the latex or memory foam comfort layers, you don’t have to sacrifice comfort, support, or great price!

Also, many mattresses have such thick comfort layers, that many people never reach the coils beneath, putting less stress on the bed and the coils, allowing it to remain supportive for longer!

Of course, mattresses last longest with a solid bed frame or box springs, mattress protectors, and careful care!

In summary

Finally, we can summarize this pretty easily. While solid latex, memory foam, or coil mattresses may be great for some people, others may have issues with them. In these cases, we recommend our fantastic hybrids!