Old Mattresses

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This is the tale of an old mattress! Whether it’s a hand-me-down or one you’ve had since you were a child, the fact is, there are way more effects to having an old mattress than just being uncomfortable!

Mites and You

Old mattresses tend to gather mountains of dead skin and oils from your body! In fact, a mattress doubles in weight every ten years thanks to the number of dead skin cells, oils, and dust mites that feed on these things. Ech!
While dust mites don’t bother most people, if you have allergies or asthma, they can exacerbate symptoms while you’re trying to rest! From sneezing to trouble breathing, it ranges wildly, but they do make things worse while you’re trying to sleep. Even if you don’t have allergies or asthma, the thought of invisible bugs crawling over you is sure to give anyone the heebie-jeebies! Not to mention the mountains of dead dust mites that accumulate as fast as you find them.
Of course, thankfully, there are ways to help!
Using mattress covers is the number one way to avoid bed bugs and dust mites alike! Not to mention, our mattress protectors are waterproof and comfortable to boot!
Secondly, wash your bedding frequently, about once every 1-2 weeks in hot water is the golden rule, and make sure to not get your bedding second hand!


Most people think that back pain is simply that, back pain! When sleeping on an old mattress, it starts to sag in the middle, causing your spine to sag as well. Similar to sleeping over a giant hole, back pain can range from mildly uncomfortable, to so bad it prevents one from getting sleep.
While you can get temporary relief using pillows and toppers, most agree the solid solution is to simply buy a new mattress.

Buying a New Mattress

So, the simple solution is to buy a new mattress!
How do you do that?
Make sure to try the mattress out in person! While ordering online is convenient, it’s best to try out the mattress in person if possible.
Bring your pillow to replicate your home as best as possible, or buy a new pillow in-store!
However, with Sherri’s Mattresses, we have a 120-day comfort exchange! We want to ensure you love your mattress as much as possible and are dedicated to making sure we provide the lowest price, and most hassle-free experience possible!
So, please come in! We love new customers, and do our best to make sure you leave happy and satisfied!
Our simple, no-nonsense location saves you money and time!