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Power Cool: Sleep Cooler?

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For many people, waking up sweaty is 0ne of the worst parts of sleeping.

While there are many solutions to this, such as sleeping on latex or coil mattresses, changing your sheets and pillows, or simply blasting your AC for 8 hours a night, today, we’re taking a look at another option. Power Cool: Is it worth it? And, most importantly, does it actually help you sleep cooler? Here, we’re going to give our thoughts on power cool, as well as tips and tricks on how to cool down when you’re asleep!

Power Cool Bed

First off, simply laying on the bed, is noticeably cooler than the average body temperature. This is thanks to the unique cover, made with superior breathability and advanced temperature regulation! When you combine that with a bed structure specifically built with hot sleepers in mind, making sure that every layer is ventilated for maximum airflow and comfort, you get something that even the hottest sleeper will cool down in.

Rather than randomly poking holes in the foam to allow air to only travel vertically, larger air channels are strategically placed to allow airflow horizontally as well as vertically! As you can imagine, this results in a very different feel than other ventilated materials.

Not to mention, a variety of feels and supportive materials ensures that sleeping cool won’t result in back pain or sleepless nights! While we at Sherri’s Mattresses believe any mattress should feel like ‘the one’ before you add a frame, this frame is pretty special…

 Power Cool Frame

The power cool frame is more than just an adjustable base, though it does come with head and foot adjustment!

This sleek design offers 3 different levels of fans, built into the frame itself! Not to mention the 3 different fan styles that allow you to cool off however you prefer! The frame also comes with USB charging ports, under-bed LED lighting for storage, a wireless remote with a flashlight, plus adjustable height! Not to mention, its sleek look is sure to fit in your room, or be easily covered by another style!

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All in All…

For someone looking to sleep cooler, the MLily Power Cool Mattress and Frame is definitely a fantastic option! With such variety in feel, while keeping its cooling and ventilated materials, this set is definitely approved by Sherri’s Mattresses!


Extra Tips and Tricks

If you’re still not certain you can get a cooler night’s sleep, here are some tips and tricks!


Room layout is about more than aesthetics and feng shui. Think about where your bed is, and what’s around it. Are you by a vent? A fan? Even being closer to a window can help with airflow, but as you can imagine, laying your bed over a vent that blows hot air is not the step to sleeping cooler. Rearranging your room can be difficult, but even just moving your mattress off the vent can have a large impact!


Take a look at your sheets. No, really! While many people might know that fleece or flannel sheets will raise the heat, many don’t realize that microfiber sheets will do the same! While they are very comfortable and soft, microfiber traps heat and moisture, resulting in a warmer sleep than what many would prefer.

Organic Relaxed Sateen Sheets | Coyuchi

Sateen sheets and percale usually have the best amount of airflow, while still being comfortable to sleep on, but there are lots of options if you’re looking! Even bamboo or cotton sheets can be cooler than microfiber!


Listen to your body. If you notice diet changes or lifestyle changes help you sleep better, that’s usually what you need. A power cool mattress will help, but intolerances and health conditions may be worth looking into if you consistently are getting poor sleep due to overheating.


Thanks for reading, and we hope you have a great nights sleep tonight!