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Product Spotlight: IAdjust Mattress

By July 9, 2022No Comments

IAdjust Mattresses are some of our favorite beds!
But, what exactly makes them different from other beds? What makes them one of our favorite brands?
Here is a bunch of information on why IAdjust Mattresses deserves to be the next bed you sleep on!

Firstly, IAdjust Mattresses are made of latex, an ecofriendly, renewable resource! Latex is an entirely biodegradable material, and sourced entirely from rubber trees! These trees can produce up to 25 years, taking in carbon from the atmosphere and releasing clean oxygen!
After they’re done producing the sap latex is made from, they’re turned into headboards, or burned for fuel for the factory, the next generation of trees being planted behind them. Due to this process, these beds are actually carbon negative, taking more carbon from the atmosphere than they produce!

Latex has long been known as one of the most supportive, long lasting materials for a mattress!
It lasts nearly double as long as a typical mattress before it even begins to degrade, unlike the sinking other mattresses might expect to succumb too within 5 years of so. It’s due to this that latex mattresses are more and more commonly used in hospitals. Due to their unique open cell structure, they’re breathable, and less likely to give someone bedsores!

The ecofriendliness doesn’t stop with the mattress itself!
Rather than use chemicals or dangerous fiberglass as a mattress cover, IAdjust Mattresses use naturally flame resistant materials; cotton and wool! All natural protection gives a cozier feeling, a safer sleep, and a more comfortable rest!

In summary, it isn’t hard to see why IAdjust is one of our favorite brands to provide you with an ecofriendly option for sleep!