Cal-King Stearns and Foster Reserve Hepburn 16″ Plush Euro Pillow Top Mat


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Handcrafted and signed by a single artisan, made with pride and commitment to be the best. If you’re looking for the best, and want a soft comfort level, this Cal-King Stearns and Foster Reserve Hepburn Luxury Plush Pillow Top is the mattress is an excellent choice. This mattress is the pinnacle of luxury from one of the top luxury mattress producers in the world.

Soft and Conforming

The Stearns and Foster Hepburn Luxury Plush Pillow Top have a soft, conforming comfort level, designed to provide pressure relief to help reduce tossing and turning. Side sleepers will especially enjoy the way this mattress feels because it conforms extremely well to the rib cage, and is gentle on the hips.

Indulge HD Memory Foam

33% Higher density than standard Indulge Memory Foam, this premium comfort material provides ultimate plush comfort, exceptional pressure relief to help reduce tossing and turning, and better blood circulation for deeper REM sleep. Its motion separation properties mean when movement takes place on one side of the mattress, you’ll feel less on your side, for undisturbed rest. It’s also one of the most durable comfort materials being used today.

IntelliCoil Micro HD

Found exclusively in top-of-the-line Reserve level mattresses, this layer of coils provides years of durable comfort and conforming support. Nestled between two layers of foam, this feature works to provide more support where you need it most.

PrecisionEdge System

A double row of extra strength coils, this edge support is one of the best in the business. Feel free to sleep all the way to the edge, without experiencing roll-off, or the urge to move back toward the center.

Arguably the finest luxury plush pillow top mattress available, the Stearns and Foster Reserve Hepburn Luxury Plush Pillow Top provide everything you’d expect from a top-of-the-line mattress. Premium comfort materials abound, along with multiple exclusive features designed to enhance support and durability, this mattress pulls out all the stops and provides a true world-class sleep experience. If you like a softer feel and want the best, this is a fantastic way to go.



  • Plush

Quilt – Top of Mattress

  • Tencel Cover
  • 2cm Indulge Memory Foam
  • IntelliCoil Micro HD + AirVent
  • 4cm Indulge HD Memory Foam

Comfort – Padding Layers

  • 6cm Indulge HD Memory Foam
  • 1″ Premium Extra Soft Gel Foam
  • IntelliCoil Micro + AirVent

Correct Back Support System

  • IntelliCoil HD
  • 8 Embroidered Velvet Inlay Handles
  • PrecisionEdge + AirVent

Box Spring – Foundation (optional)

  • Linen Wrapped Stearns & Foster Foundation
  • Regular Box Spring Height: 9
  • Low Profile Height: 5 1/4


  • Non-prorated
  • No Flip, No Rotate
  • 10-year warrantyagainst manufacturer’s defects

Made In

  • United States