Copper Lux 12″ Infused Memory Foam/Hypoallergenic Cooling Mattress By BedTech


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The Copper Lux 12 inch from BedTech.

  • 3.5″ Ventilated Copper Infused Memory Foam
  • 2.5” Marble Gel
  • 6” HR Base Foam

Copper is an essential nutrient in our body, that offers health benefits that allow you to recover faster from sporting activity and help reduce inflammation/arthritis. Not only is it beneficial for our bodies it also helps keep heat and germs away from your mattress. This is why Bed Tech developed a way to include copper within our mattress topper. By including copper, we can offer a cool, clean, and healthy sleeping environment that can fit on any mattress. Why Choose CopperBy adding copper to your bed, you will be able to reap the benefits of a clean, cool and comfortable night’s sleep. Copper is not only good for your health by being anti-bacterial/ anti-microbial but can also help with arthritis. Plus, it is the perfect addition for anyone that wants to be cooler and cleaner while they sleep.

  • COPPER INFUSED MEMORY FOAM – Allow yourself to cool off with the revolutionary copper-infused mattress. Copper’s cooling properties naturally dissipate heat allowing your body to feel the cooling impact.
  • CLEAN MATTRESS – Copper Naturally keeps your mattress clean by inhibiting the growth of bacteria and other microbials. These properties ensure a healthier night’s rest and recovery for a better tomorrow.
  • PHASE CHANGE COVER – Our thermoregulated cover is designed to absorb your body heat during the night and release it while you sleep to ensure a comfortable night’s rest.


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