King Stearns and Foster Reserve Hepburn Luxury Firm 15 Inch Mattress


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This King, a&nbsp|hand-crafted Stearns and Foster Reserve Hepburn Luxury Firm represents one of the best mattresses available from one of the best luxury mattress manufacturers in the world. If you like a firm overall feel, but want something that still offers a high degree of body contouring, this is one of the best choices available today.

Firm and Substantial

The Hepburn uses the best comfort materials in the Stearns and Foster portfolio to provide comfort that’s truly amazing. Conforming on top without sacrificing firmness, and a high-end solid build quality that can be felt immediately, this mattress is perfect if you enjoy a firm yet forgiving comfort level.

Indulge Memory Foam

One of the best memory foams available today, this high-end memory foam provides premium pressure relief to help reduce tossing and turning, promote good blood circulation and more REM sleep. In addition, it helps reduce motion transfer when movement occurs, so you can rest more undisturbed, and is one of the most durable comfort materials on the market.

Tencel Cover

Sustainably sourced, this fiber is used in athletic wear and high-end garments because of its ability to wick away moisture and help keep you cool and dry for a more restful night’s sleep.

IntelliCoil HD Support System

A dual-stage coil system with a long outer coil for conformance and a conical inner coil for added support, nestled in a honeycomb pattern resulting in 20% more coils than the standard IntelliCoil support system. Found in top-of-the-line beds, this feature provides outstanding support, excellent longevity, and less motion transfer. Fully compatible with all modern adjustable and power foundations.

I think if you’re looking for one of the finest luxury mattresses on the market, the Stearns and Foster Reserve Hepburn Luxury Firm is an outstanding way to go. This mattress represents the very best from one of the most well-respected luxury manufacturers in the world. This is for you if&nbsp| you like a firm, yet comfortable feel, you won’t be disappointed with this mattress.


  • Firm

Quilt – Top of Mattress

  • Tencel Cover
  • 1″ Premium Extra Soft Gel Foam
  • IntelliCoil Micro HD + AirVent
  • 2cm Indulge Memory Foam

Comfort – Padding Layers

  • 2cm Indulge Memory Foam
  • 2″ Premium Gel Foam

Correct Back Support System

  • IntelliCoil HD
  • 8 Embroidered Velvet Inlay Handles
  • PrecisionEdge + AirVent

Box Spring – Foundation (optional)

  • Linen Wrapped Stearns & Foster Foundation
  • Regular Box Spring Height: 9
  • Low Profile Height: 5 1/4


  • Non-prorated
  • No Flip, No Rotate
  • 10-year warranty against manufacturer’s defects

Made In

  • United States