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Spotlight: Stearns and Foster

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There are many brands in the mattress industry, and it can get hard to keep track of them all! So, we’ve decided to do a spotlight on one of our favorite brands, Stearns and Foster! Stearns and Foster is owned by the famous Sealy or Tempurpedic, but with a focus on luxury experiences for everyone!

Stearns and Foster
Hepburn Luxury

Stearns and Foster is a classic in the mattress industry, and for good reason! High-quality beds with the utmost support for over 175 years! Wow!
With a variety of collections, there’s sure to be something for everyone!

We love Stearns and Foster, from their 10-year warranty to their hand-tufted mattress covers! Premium, upholstery-grade fabrics ensure the timeless design of your mattress lasts for years to come, with woven inset handles, copper air vents, and the hand-signed label from a master craftsman to complete the look. Before you go buy one right now, Which is here, by the way, let’s talk about why we love these mattresses so much!


Lying on any Stearns and Foster is the number one way to not just sleep, but to support yourself, so you can support others in your life. It’s a luxury feel from beginning to end, with practical and scientifically supported factors that ensure your sleep is as good as it can get!
For example, their patented intellicoil!

These are patented to ensure breathability and support throughout the mattress, while still being responsive and comfortable! Carefully placed throughout the mattress, made of the highest quality steel, with scientifically supported number of turns and thickness of metal, becoming stiffer near the sides to ensure comfort and support. There are many types of mattresses where one might feel like they’re rolling off, but the intellicoil prevents that!
Not to mention their high quality memory foam. Engineered exclusively by the scientists at Tempur-Pedic® for Stearns & Foster, Indulge Memory Foam provides premium pressure relief along with a plush, comfortable feel—for more restful sleep all night long.
All in all, these hand crafted materials are top notch, from start to finish!

In Summary

In summary, we love Stearns and Foster, and are proud to work with them to provide not just a great nights sleep to you, but an avenue to an experience! Whether you’re cuddling, playing, bounding or snoozing, Stearns and Foster and Sherri’s Mattresses are there to support you!